About Cheri


There is so much beauty out there in this country and in the world.  I aim to experience and photograph as much of that unseen and unshared beauty as possible.  

While I have many photos of Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon, I also have photos of unknown swamps in Louisiana, deserts in Arizona, lakes in Minnesota and so many other places.  The landscape, the wildlife, the trees, the birds…are all so different, and beautiful!

A photo can take you to a place you have never been, transform your entire attitude and mood, and connect you to nature in a way that is very similar to actually being out in the wilderness yourself.

I love nature.  Being out with trees, animals, birds and the wind is my church.  This is where I go to restore my soul, recharge my batteries and rejuvenate my spirit.  While I am out hiking and exploring, I take photos in order to capture the moment.   I want to take “it” back with me.

This practice has now become an obsession, one I must share.  I so want you to experience what I am experiencing, even if just a small piece of the feelings I get taking these photos.

We live in an amazingly beautiful and complex world.  As my skills develop and I continue to share my heart with you through these photos, I hope you enjoy the journey with me.